Candelabra-based decorative bulbs are our most popular “candle-bulb” style. They come in both bent-tip (flame-shaped) and torpedo-shaped, clear and frost. Wattages range from 15 to 60. Average life rating is 3,000 hours, far longer than typical hardware store brands!
We also carry a selection of medium-based decorative bulbs, both clear and frost, in 25, 40, and 60 watts. 25 per box. Average life rating is 3,000 hours.
Need your energy-efficient decorative bulbs to be dimmable? Check out these cold cathodes! We think the spiral inside the clears looks ultra-modern but they also come in white if you prefer. They use about 20% of the energy of incandescent decoratives and run cooler, too! Photo courtesy of TCP, which is our source for these bulbs.
We also carry compact fluorescent decorative bulbs in both candelabra and medium base. In addition to everyday energy savings, they are cooler and last much longer than incandescents.
Small globe lights (G16-1/2) with candelabra bases are ideal for small vanity fixtures and fan lights. We also stock intermediate (E17) and medium base G16-1/2’s.
Large globe lights (G25 and G40) are commonly found in longer vanity fixtures, outdoor decorative fixtures such as lanterns, and larger fans. We carry 25, 40, and 60 watts, plus compact fluorescent and cold cathode versions of the G25’s.
Yes! We carry these beautiful 60 watt Ferrowatt retro-style decorative bulbs. The one pictured on the left has a double filament, while the one on the right has a quad filament. They are ideal for your antique-style fixtures and emit a warm glow for just the right ambiance.
A15 fan bulbs aren’t really considered decorative bulbs but are often used in fans and small lamps. We carry 15, 25, 30, 40, and 60 watt, clear and frost, in a mixture of candelabra, intermediate (E17), and medium bases.