We carry numerous less-common shapes & bases! Decorative incandescents have their own page, check it out!

Fan and sign bulbs in various bases & colors including colored ceramic S-bulbs for outdoor signs & silicone-coated bulbs suitable for heat lamp applications
  Indoor floods from R16 to R40 (2 inches to 5 inches diameter)
   A-bulbs in most wattages, clear or frost, choice of 5,000-10,000-20,000 hour average life ratings
  Gorgeous Ferrowatt bulbs for use in historical fixtures (or those that just look historical!)
Tubular incandescents still have many uses, such as in appliances,  narrow wall sconces, and under & inside cabinets. We carry numerous wattages, bases, and voltages, in clear and frost.

Plus many more! Call us with your special requirements!