We stock dozens of small quartz bulbs in various bases, wattages, and voltages, including hard-to-find 24V!
These bulbs look like automotive bulbs (and can be) but are also used elsewhere. They are called Festoon base and we stock them in several wattages, in frost or clear.
These tungsten halogens are extremely bright for their size. This one is 250 watts and has a mini-can base.
Tubular bulbs are very common. It’s important to replace yours with the correct wattage with the fixture OFF, and to twist into into place snugly. Be sure to wipe off your fingermarks before turning it on again.
The BA15 base is common among miniature bulbs. We stock about a dozen of the most common miniatures, used primarily in landscape fixtures. We can order hundreds of others.
We have 48 running feet of halogen pars! Starting at 35 watt Par 16, we go all the way to 120 watt Par 38’s. We stock regular and long necks, and both 120V and 130V in most styles. Pars are shipped 15 to a case.
MR 11’s aren’t very common, but we stock both 12V and 120V, in several wattages and bases.
MR16’s are extremely common and we sell hundreds a week in 66 styles! We stock 12 and 120 volt, and wattages start at 10 and go to 75, both spot and floods, with and without front glass.
ASK US ABOUT OUR LED MR16’S!! They use just a fraction of the power and come in a choice of light colors.