If you don’t see what you need here, just call, we probably have it!


30 different T4 and T5 bulbs in stock, in various wattages, lengths, and colors, regular and high output.

  We carry over 20 colors and styles of 4-foot T8’s and over 50 T8’s altogether! If you need an odd size, chances are we have it or can get it.
  We stock over 50 types of T12 tubes including various colors, wattages, and lengths, in regular and high output. The larger HO’s are commonly used in outdoor signs and refrigerators, and we offer the best pricing in all of Southern Utah!
  U-bends are popular ceiling lights. We stock over a dozen styles from 31 watt T8 narrow spread in warm & cool white to 40 watt T12 natural white.
We stock over a dozen styles of circline fluorescents, from T5’s to T9’s in several colors. We can also order almost any type of circline for you.
  These odd-looking bulbs are called butterfly bulbs, double-D’s, or pretzel bulbs. We stock a few common styles and can order almost any size or color.
  By far, the most common ballasts we sell are for 4- and 8-foot fluorescent tubes, for both T8’s and T12’s. Most people want electronic ballasts because they save energy but we also carry a few magnetic ones so you don’t have to drill new holes. We can provide clear wiring diagrams and warrant every ballast we sell.
  HO ballasts are also popular and we stock several different sizes.