Compact Fluorescent (CF) bulbs save energy at least 3 ways:

1) Obviously, they use less wattage than their incandescent or halogen counterparts, as much as 80% savings!

2) They burn cooler so you will use less energy cooling your space – especially important in hotter climates!

3) They last much longer, even under commercial conditions running 24/7, so you replace them less often. This saves manufacturing energy, landfill waste, and YOUR energy!

Commercial-quality spirals of all sizes from 5 watts to 180 watts! Various bases in stock: E12 candelabra, E26 medium, GU24 (photo courtesy of Energetic Lighting), mogul for 68 watts and up. We carry almost every size and base in various colors from warm white (27K-30K-35K) to natural daylight (50K).


Huge selection of plug-in twin tubes, quads, and triples, in various colors: 27K, 35K, 41K, 50K, and even 65K in some sizes. We carry both 2- and 4-pin bases, and a few bulbs in 4-pin in-line base. We also carry 4-pin PLL’s in several wattages and colors. These are commonly used in menu boards and other small signs.

Decorative bulbs in candle-shaped (bent tips), torpedo-shaped, and globes. All will save energy and burn cooler than their incandescent counterparts.


Compact fluorescent (CF) versions of those watt-hog pars, in Par 20, Par 30, Par 38, in various colors so you can better control your lighting. Some fixtures have a neck that’s too narrow for the CF ballast (the white plastic part of the base) but most will run CF’s with a $2 socket extender. For a Par 30, you’ll use 15 watts versus 75! Multiply that by a track full of bulbs and you’ll see significant power bill savings!


Indoor floods for tracks and cans, in R20, R30, and R40 sizes, each in various colors. Typical wattage savings are 70-80%! Photo courtesy of Energetic Lighting.

  Think this is just another spiral CF? This bulb is just 120 watts and REPLACES at 250 watt metal halide bulb, using the same ballast, with longer life! In fact, if your facility is running on 277V, you can bypass the ballast altogether for optimum savings and efficiency! It comes in 5000 Kelvin, natural daylight, to really light up your warehouse or retail store. Special pricing available when you retrofit an entire space, just call! Photo courtesy of Energetic Lighting.
  We stock ballasts for all your CF fixtures! ProLume is shown but we also carry Howard, TCP, and others.